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What Are The Benefits of Colonic Irrigation

Colonic Irrigation - What Are the Benefits

There are many benefits to colonic irrigation but how exactly do they work. In this article light is shed on the subject and the benefits and conditions relating to the colonic impaction are explained. 

IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Thought to be caused by deterioration of the peristaltic muscles of the colon or weakening of the muscles due to laxatives or ignoring the call to use the toilet. Many people develop this habit from childhood.. Colonic irrigation strenghtens the muscles of the colon and may retrain the bowel restoring normal colon function. Read More

Weight Problems
A body which is constipated, dehydrated, toxic or where metabolism is reduced may be prone to weight gain. Colonic irrigation can help addresss this and may lead to weight loss. Read More

Tiredness and Fatigue
When the body is over run with toxins and is dyhydrated,, the results is low levels of energy. Colonic irrigation adds a flush of clean fresh water to revitalise the cells.

Bloating may be caused by gas and mucous in the colon. Colonic irrigation may help to clear and reduce bloating immediately.

Sinus Problems
The Sinus is an area which becomes inflamed when toxic overload reaches critical levels and the body can no longer cope. Colonic irrigation may help clear the sinus of its toxic load.

Stress and toxins are linked. A body which is overloaded may not be able to fully relax. Colonic irrigation can help.

When excessive hormones are released during the pre menstreal phase, they may accumulate and cause PMT or PMS symtoms such as irritability and mood swings. Colonic Irrigation may also help reduce bloating and constipation which are common symptoms .

A body which is toxin, over weight or stressed may not be receptive to fertilisation. Colonic Irrigation may help.

Did you know drugs similar to anti depressants are used to treat IBS? Thats because Serotonin as well as the brain. It is produced in the colon as a stimulant to enable peristaltic action or movement. Constipation can lead to depression. Colonic irrigation my help lift mood by removing toxins which circulate and enter the blood and the brain. Read More

Stress & Irritability
A physical link exists between the colon and the brain. Recent research published by The Harvard Medical Journal shows that stress, irritability and depression may manifest in the gastro intestinal tract. Read More

Frequent headaches, Migranes
Known triggers of migraines include alcohol, smoking or exposure to smoke, weather changes, allergies, altitude changes, jet lag, hormonal changes, stress, sun glare, flashing lights, constipation. Colonic irrigation can detox the body and remove the constipatioin which may be the cause of headaches.

Back & Joint pains
Digestion and Constipation Patients who have chronic bowel problems can suffer from backache, due to “referred” pain. “Referred” pain is where pain from one organ or system is passed to another area. Colonic irrigation can help relieve constipation and therefore reduce back pain.

Bad breath (Halitosis)
You might be surprised to learn bad breath is a commonly overlooked symptom of constipation, but it makes perfect sense when you consider that the mouth is the first part of the digestive tract and the colon is the last. Therefore putred matter in the colon can be smelt on the breath. Colonic irrigation can remove impacted matter and remove bad breath.

Body odour
Body odor may be caused by a zinc deficiency, diabetes or liver disease, chronic constipation and certain parasites. Colonic can help remove the offending underlying problem.

Irritability & Confusion
Herbalists explain that when liver chi (energy) stagnates, mood swingsirritabilityconstipation and water retention can become evident. The practice of cleasing the body and colon with colonic irrigation can reduce these symptoms.

Skin problems & Acne
Skin eruptions or blemishes can also be signs of a colon trying to eliminate toxins. It's true—constipation can cause acne or worsen existing skin problems. Many people fail to understand the skin is a major organ that aids in eliminating waste and if the colon is impacted, the skin is forced to excrete toxins in the form of spots. Colonic irrigation can help clear the body of toxins and improve the skin. 
By clearing the colon constipation can be remedied by colonic irrigation. A course of colonic irrigation treatment helps builds strenght in the colon and restore peristaltic action.
Often Diarrhea is caused by constipation which has become impacted and adheres to the walls of the colon. Diarrhea occurs as fluid falls through the soft matter in the middle with no muscle to move it along. Colonic irrigation may clear the impaction.

Weak Immune System
A weak immune system is often the result of exhausted adrenals due to long term stress, over production of hormone and a build up of toxins in the liver. Colonic irrigation and coffee enemas can reduce toxic load.

Skin problems,Acne, spots on back
Often caused by toxic overload resulting from the body not eliminating effetively. Toxins in the colon are re-absorbed and may be pushed out by the body through the skin resulting in acne or spots on the back. Colonic irrigation takes the pressure of the other eliminatory organs anc therefore leads to skin clearing naturally. Particularly is the spots are under the skin and do not come to a head.

Circulation & Celulite problems
Often again caused by toxins in the cells. Colonic irrigation may help clear the problem and rehydrate each cell with fresh water.
Parasitic infection


  1. I think that a respectable diet and a lot of water, ideally alkalised or ionised water, is important to excellent colon health. I think too it is important to pay attention when your body let's you know it's time to "go". If you pay attention you can avoid developing bowel problems.
    colon irrigation

  2. I have heard of colonic irrigation before. I believe it is a process in which you would have to lie down the colon cleansing board and let water flow through your colon so it would be cleansed. I wonder if it hurts.